О журнале

«Technical Aesthetics and Design Research» is a peer-reviewed scientific journal whose goal is to form an integrated scientific platform for research in the fields of design and architecture. The journal founders are Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov and LLC «MIG»

The journal was founded in 2019 with the assistance of Siberian Design Centre and Ural State University of Architecture and Art.

Publication frequency is 4 issues a year.

The journal is oriented on specialist in design and architecture as well as a wide range of followers those are in interest to this field.

Subject areas

Subject areas:

  • design and national policy;
  • theory and methodology of design;
  • history and modern challenge of design;
  • design education;
  • design thinking;
  • design expertise;
  • architectural space design;
  • aesthetic problems in architecture;
  • history of architecture and urban development;
  • urban environment, problem of design and development;
  • methods of conservation, reconstruction, restoration and use of architectural heritage.

Set of Articles

Scientific specialties and relevant branches of knowledge for accepted articles:

Art History:

17.00.06 – Technical Aesthetics and Design (Art History)

17.00.04 – Visual and Applied Arts and Architecture (Art History)

Construction and Architecture:

05.23.20 – Theory and History of Architecture, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Architecture) (архитектура)

05.23.21 – Architecture of Buildings. Creative concepts of architectural activity (Architecture)

05.23.22 – Urban Planning, Planning of Rural Settlements (Architecture)